17/11/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | “Backstage, a Conversation with…”: the new Classical Music Podcast curated by Le Bureau Export | CNM

Le Bureau Export | Centre national de la musique (CNM) presents “Backstage, a Conversation with…”, a podcast giving you insights on the worldwide classical music industry. 

Who are the leaders of Classical music behind the scene today ? What is really happening behind the curtain and who are those shadow persons you might encounter backstage after a performance ? 

Le Bureau Export | CNM presents a series of interviews entitled “Backstage, a Conversation with…”.

Each week, starting on next Tuesday 24 November, Françoise Clerc & Edouard Brane will introduce you to a personality from the Classical Music industry from General Managers, Agents, PR and journalists from all over the world. No secrets, no gossips, no boundaries. You will be able to discover everything you need to know about their venues, their ways of working, their tips, without daring asking it.

How do you book an artist, how do you choose your program, how do you communicate, how do you manage an artist in order to break it on an international level. With “Backstage”, you will get to know all the advice you have always wanted to know and its most important secrets.

The weekly episodes will be hosted on our SoundCloud and presented on the news section of our website.