01/11/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France | Le Bureau Export is now part of French State organization le Centre national de la musique (CNM)

On Friday 30 October 2020, Le Bureau Export’s Extraordinary General Meeting voted the dissolution of the association Le Bureau Export, which is being absorbed by le Centre national de la musique (CNM) as of November 1, 2020.

Le Bureau Export is now part of le Centre national de la musique (CNM) – a French State organization created in January 2020, which comes under supervision of the French Ministry of Culture. 
Since November 1, 2020, the CNM has brought together Le Bureau Export, CALIF (which supports independent record stores), Fonds pour la Création Musicale (which supports the creation of music), the resources centre IRMA and the CNV (a body that supports live music and variety shows).

The CNM is now the leading state organization dedicated to the music industry. Acting as a hub for all French music professionals, it aims to promote a wide range of genres and represent all industry sectors – from recorded music to live shows and publishing.

The CNM is taking on all of Le Bureau Export’s activities and services. One of CNM’s missions is to foster the international development of the French music industry and variety industry. The organization will guide and support the French professionals in exporting their acts and assist them with touring and promotional trips.

How can Le Bureau Export | Centre national de la musique (CNM) help you?


As part of this broader organization, Le Bureau Export | CNM will continue to establishg and enrich relationships between international and French professionals through:

  • Networking events with French industry professionals (in France, abroad and online)
  • Invitations to international festivals and conferences such as Printemps de Bourges, Trans Musicales, Musicora, etc.
  • Access to relevant French music professional contacts 


Le Bureau Export | CNM will continue to provide information about made-in-France artists, their French professional entourage and the French music industry.

  • Expert recommendations and assistance for discovering and working with made-in-France artists
  • Latest updates on music made in France through our recommendation brand What the France
  • Promotion of made in France events via local newsletters and social media
  • Promotion of made in France music via our own playlist service What The France
  • Information on the French music industry