01/10/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France-Italy | Discover the selection of the artists taking part to the Milan writing camp (16-20 November 2020)

Le Bureau Export, in association with Italia Music Export / SIAE, Le Bureau Export has selected 6 pop/urban French artists to take part to the Milan songwriting camp, alongside 6 Italian counterparts. The camp will take place at studios Le Park  on November 16-20, 2020. 

The selection

A call for projects has been launched in association with Italia Music Export / SIAE, French and Italian participants have been selected. Find the list below.

Made-in-France selection:

Italian selection:

Event planning

The writing camp will start on the afternoon of November 16. A pop/urban artistic brief matching the needs of the French and Italian markets will be presented to the participants. They will be divided in 4 groups and will work in one of the four studios of Le Park. The same process will be replicate each day with the presentation of new briefs and the making of new working groups daily.

At the end of the writing camp, a listening session will take place on Friday 20 November, attended by Italian and French music professionals and guests. It will be followed by a networking dinner. The night is organized in partnership with the Institut Français de Milan.

In addition, the writing camp is matching the dates of Italian showcase-festival Linecheck, taking place in Milan. On this occasion, Le Bureau Export is throwing a meeting session between French music publishers and their Italian counterparts.

Contact at Le Bureau Export

Ben Ling
Le Bureau Export Berlin
Germany-The Netherlands-Poland Expert

Marine De Bruyn
Le Bureau Export Paris
Popular Music Expert

01 86 95 57 07