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14/09/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Ozma benefits from “Touring Grants” and announces a new tour

Jazz quintet Ozma keeps on promoting Hyperlapse, its last album. As laureate of the “Touring Grants”- promoting French artists in the USA and provided by FACE Foundation – the band has announced an European and American tour for 2020 and 2021. 

Stéphane Sharlé – Ozma’s leader and drummer – composed the last album Hyperlapse, while the group was on a world tour in 2018. The musicians will now be able to hit the road again with a considerable asset: the “Touring Grants” – a financial support funding the US concerts of French bands up to 10.000 dollars. This initiative comes from FACE foundation, a non profit organisation advocating cultural exchanges between French and Americans.

Ozma is preparing more than an European tour: several American dates are coming in 2021.

Here is the list of the 2020/2021 European tour dates:


  • 17/11 “Hyperlapse” at B-FLAT, Berlin, Germany
  • 19/11 “Hyperlapse” at CVJM, Lübeck, Germany
  • 20/11 “Hyperlapse” at Kulturbahnhof, Iéna, Germany
  • 24/11 “Hyperlapse” at Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany
  • 25/11 “Hyperlapse” at Jazz & More, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 26/11 “Hyperlapse” at Jazzclub, Walbrzych, Poland
  • 27/11 “Hyperlapse” at Jazzinec, Trutnov, Czech Republic


  • 01/05 “Hyperlapse” at Jazzahead, Bremen, Germany
  • 12/05 “Hyperlapse” at Jazz Export Days, Coutances, France – a professional and international event organized by Le Bureau Export with festival Jazz sous les Pommiers
  • 26/06 “Hyperlapse” at the French Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 27/06 “Hyperlapse” at Leopolis Festival, Lviv, Ukraine

Hyperlapse, a record meeting critical success

Hyperlapse was released on 7th February 2020 and was quickly praised by French and international critics alike:

In Aachen, Germany, the newspaper Aachener Zeitung already greeted this “structured and exciting madness ” in its 31st January 2020 edition.

When the album was released, the Swiss magazine Jazz ‘n’ more praised a travelling album in which “the tracks never yield to exotism”.

Still in February, the German daily newspaper Kieler Nachrichten described a “sound odyssey, challenging and fascinating”, as newspaper Freie Presse even wrote about “ten galactic tracks“. The weekly newspaper Tip confirmed this impression of an album on a trip, depicting “musicians on the road” to sum up its listening. The route became a tracklist in an article from the Westfälischer Anzeiger, which admired the quintet’s groove.

In March,  Jazz & Rock magazine published a detailed article on its website, praising one “spectacular album“.

In its March-April edition, the German magazine Drumheads!! recommanded Hyperlapse to every jazz rock fans. At the same time, Jazzthetik magazine dedicated two pages to the album, describing a complex work, “dark and bright” with a “supernatural beauty“.

In its May-June edition, the Dutch magazine Heavens underlined the energy and modernity of this 7th album.

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