29/09/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Germany | Suzane @ FridaysForFuture Berlin

Right next after her showcase at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Suzane took part in Berlin demonstration for climate Fridays for Future on September 25. She performed in front of a 20.000 people at the Brandeburg Gate, alongside German headliners. The event was also the opportunity for her to meet her local team. 

Suzane was in Germany to perform in situ at the Reeperbahn Festival – she was also running for the ANCHOR Awards. Right after her performance in Hamburg, she moved to Berlin to take part to the Fridays for Future environmental demonstration, alongside acts like AnnenMayKantereit and rapper Horst Wegener – with whom she collaborated on a German/French version of “Il est où le SAV?” track. About 20.000 people gathered at the Fridays for Future and enjoyed the concert.

The day was also an opportunity for Suzane to meet the local team of her label Wagram Stories GSA/CEE and PR team Kruger Media (PR), Five Diamonds (promo TV) and Pool Promotion (promo radio).

“Il est où le SAV ?” featuring German rapper Horst Wegener :

“Il est où le SAV?” is a committed track tackling environmental issues such as pollution. The video clip has been shot in Senegal and aims at underlining the contrast between the postcard landscape and the reality of pollution. The idea came while Suzane was touring China and was stuck by the smog looking like a “giant shisha”.
Recording a German/French version of the track with Horst Wegener is a new way to pass on the message to a wider audience. The track was a special feat to be sung at for Fridays For Future.

Watch Suzane performing at Reeperbahn Festival :