12/06/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | What the France launches the first episode of new series ‘Once Upon a Song’

Le Bureau Export’s recommendation brand What the France launches a new series entitled ‘Once Upon a Song’. It aims at shedding light on the French music heritage. 

For 2 years, Le Bureau Export has developed a recommendation brand to promote music made in France all over the world. What the France has first made a name for itself through its playlists and video series ‘A Made-in-France Selection By…”. It is now a webzine available in 4 languages that provides music news, playlists and videos to discover the finest music made in France.

This new web-series Once Upon a Song puts the spotlight on French songs gone worldwide.

The first episode will focus on a “break-up song became the worldwide anthem of an entire generation”. What the France is telling the story behind “My Way” – brought to the world by Franck Sinatra, and one of the most covered songs in the world. Did you know it was first a French success? The one of hit-song “Comme d’habitude” by Claude François.

Listen to French journalist and French songs specialist Bertrand Dicale and watch the cartoons of Dugudus – they are telling you all about “Comme d’habitude”/”My Way” (Warner Chappell Music France / Jeune Musique).

What the France in a nutshell: 

  • more than140 playlists available, ranging from hit-songs, genres, curating artists…
  • a curating profile on most streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, YouTube) and on Vibe (South Korea), Netease (China) & Claro Music (Latin America)
  • a webzine with news, interviews, concerts calendar – available in 4 languages and visited by more than 40.000 people from 60 countries