05/06/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Europe | Next round of (From) Home Export Days: Spread the word! (11 June)

As part of the online series (From) Home Export Days, Le Bureau Export presents Spread the Word! on Thursday 11 June, from 14:30 to 16:00 (CEST) – a closed networking session dedicated to promotion, digital marketing and influence. 

(From) Home Export Days is the name for a shape-shifting event, one that will evolve as circumstances change and according to requests and propositions coming in from our team and the music sector.

With this new chapter entitled Spread the Word!, our goal is to focus on how to promote a project. This first session offers online speed-meetings to our members, eager to connect with marketing professionals from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. 

Having privileged access to taste making media on targeted markets is more than ever an asset to develop an artist or a project willing to expand its audience. Nevertheless, developing a project on less structured markets such as Poland or Russia – which are generally more open-minded ; while aiming at highly competitive markets such as the UK, Germany or the Netherlands, is also a way for “made in France” acts to grow their international career and reach new fans.

This networking sessions enables Le Bureau Export’s members, who are looking for European partners, to meet nine international challenging companies in the field of promotion and marketing.