07/05/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Le Bureau Export launches a series of online events: (From) Home Export Days

Le Bureau Export is proud to launch (From) Home Export Days, a series of online events starting next week. These rendez-vous – taking place weekly or every other week – will be announced while they’re being prepared.

(From) Home Export Days

(From) Home Export Days is the name for a shape-shifting event, one that will evolve as circumstances change and according to requests and propositions coming in from our team and the music sector. It’s a series that’s ever-changing, like the times we’re living in, but with the explicit aims of helping the French music sector, exploring the present situation and looking to build solid grounds for the coming times. 

The French music industry is looking to the future, and in the coming weeks and months, Le Bureau Export will be hosting a series of web-based panels, networking sessions, showcases and more. Whether it’s bringing in international experts together to watch the next great Made-in-France talents perform live, or a discussion on the changes we expect to see across Europe, Asia, and beyond, Le Bureau Export will be taking its role online, connecting international professionals and getting us all ready for new horizons.

The first chapter is named Escape From Home and it will take place on the same dates as The Great Escape was supposed to, the 14th and 15th May. The full program will be announced on Monday: stay connected!