11/05/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

UK | First Round of (From) Home Export Days : Escape From Home

Le Bureau Export is launching the first edition in a series called (From) Home Export Days. Called Escape From Home, this is more than just a nod to the event in Brighton that should have taken place at the same time: we are bringing the French showcases and meetings online that would have taken place at the UK festival, The Great Escape.

This showcase event, one of many that have been cancelled this year, had chosen 12 Made-in-France artists for the 2020 edition. To make up for missing out on Brighton, and to respond to the needs of our members, whilst also bringing together European (and WW) professionals, our team has put together a rich programme over two days: a panel on the UK market, international networking sessions called ‘Country Connexions’, a session of showcases, and finally some individual meetings. 

The Panel

‘Building The New Normal – The Future of Artist Development In The UK’, will bring together Sophie Roberts (UTA), Adam Ryan (The Great Escape) and Olivia Hobbs (BlackStar) with David McKenna (Le Bureau Export) moderating.

In this current moment of crisis across the industry, professionals are looking for new ways to work. Bringing together a festival, booking agency and artist services, our guests will discuss the current context of developing artists in the UK, what has changed, and new strategies that could be imagined.

It will take place on Thursday 14th May at 11:00 BST. To register, please click here.

Country Connections

Country Connections is a networking project that has brought together delegates from Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand in Brighton (The Great Escape) and Austin (SXSW). This project initiated by a group of export offices, has been brought together online, to include more countries. 

The aims: to provide information on these markets, and export networking opportunities for music professionals.
Professionals working with the French artists selected for The Great Escape 2020 will be invited to take part in this informal networking session. 

The showcases

The Made-in-France artists selected for The Great Escape 2020 are coming together to offer an online showcase, for international professionals invited by Le Bureau Export.
Given these particular circumstances, the artists will be showing a session recorded during lockdown, or a pre-existing live show or session.

It will take place on Friday 15th May at 13:00 BST. To register, please click here.

Individual Meetings

Finally, a series of individual meetings will be organised for the professional entourage of the selected artists, who will meet international professionals brought together by the experts at Le Bureau Export.