Michelle Blades - KEXP
03/03/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

USA | Michelle Blades live on KEXP

Last November, Michelle Blades was touring the USA and Mexico. While on tour, she recorded a live session in KEXP studios. The 25-minute video has been published on Seattle public radio KEXP’s Youtube channel. 

Michelle Blades is an artist drawing her inspiration from various cultures: born into a Mexican-Panamanian family of salsa musicians, she moved to Miami in the USA at 6. At 18, she moved to Arizona and started working with local independent label. She started a band named North Dakota with friends and playing noisier shows in the desert scene. After a handful of tours in Europe she settled in Paris, working with Midnight Special Records and releasing all her material with the local label: her debut album Ataraxia and in March 2019 her latest album Visitor.

Promoting Visitor led Michelle Blades, represented by booking agency My Favorite, to tour in North America (USA + Canada) for 8 dates in May 2019 and to return to the USA and Mexico between November and December 2019. It is during the second leg of her American tour that Michelle Blades has been invited to Seattle (WA) public radio KEXP to perform a live session in their studio.

KEXP is famed for airing alternative and indie-rock music. The radio describes its mission as “championing music and discovery”. It claims a wide audience made of “active 18-54 year olds that are well educated, have high disposable income, are discerning in taste and have a passion for cutting edge music, entertainment and technology”.

The live session has been publicly recorded on the 14th of November 2019. It features 4 tracks and an interview by radio host Kevin Cole.