09/03/2020 | Le Bureau Export Berlin

Slovenia | Recap! France at MENT Ljubljana 2020 (5-7 February)

The feedback has been unanimous – France’s first partnership with the Slovenian festival MENT Ljubljana has been a success. With over 10 French companies attending the showcase / conference festival for the first time, and four live projects performing, France was under the spot light in Ljubljana.

Professional matchmakings for the French companies took place on the Thursday at M Hotel, and generated over 60 individual meetings with international professionals. Later the same day, representatives from three of the artists performing, Slift, Cheap House and Decibelles pitched their artists to over 100 international professionals in the foyer of Kino Siska.

Here is some of the feedback from the international press present at the festival for the French-produced artists at the festival: Slift (Jerkov / Vicious Circle), Cheap House (Junior360), Decibelles (Deaf Rock) and Scúru Fitchádu (Wax Booking / L’Afrique dans les Oreilles)

The UK’s The Quietus : ‘The audience losing its mind at a whirlwind gig given by incredible Cape Verdean electro punks Scúru Fitchádu, who torched Metelkova’s Channel Zero with a mind-melting fire kindled by jungle, electro and punk and traditional folk.’

Hungary’s esteemed music portal Muzika placed Cheap House as their 11th favourite show of the festival, and Slift as their number 1 favourite show, declaring: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if this were to be the concert of the year because Slift literally knocked me off my feet.’

On Cheap House, Frank Dietrich from Germany’s Münstersche Zeitung said : ‘The four-piece band from France had left the audience in ecstasy with a mixture of funk, house and techno in the vaulted cellar of a castle. Just a phrase? No – “the people went crazy,” says Dietrich.’

Croatian pop-culture magazine Ravno Do Dna : The French bands Cheap House, Decibelles, and especially Slift simply delighted. Slift are such a brash and killer modern punk and hardcore crossover. With their bombastic psychedelics, Slift truly produced the feeling that you are attending a ‘million dollar band’ show that explodes with attitude, message and most importantly – pleasure.’

Bosnian music website Before After proclaimed Decibelles to be their #1 band of the festival: ‘Without a doubt, the best performance at this year’s MENT.’