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World | 2019 has been a record year for French music export

Each year, Le Bureau Export puts the spotlight on ‘made-in-France- acts that have been successful worldwide. For the first time this year, Le Bureau Export is publishing its export certifications and its live hit-list together – each study singles out the export performances of the French recording & live industries. These lists identify the French-financed acts that have made their mark on the world. 

2019 has been particularly rich and dynamic for ‘made-in-France’ music. As a result, Le Bureau Export has awarded 121 export certifications and drawn up an inventory of 5 553 dates outside France. ‘Made in France’ means that Le Bureau Export focuses on the economics of the music industry: whether they’re French or not, each of these acts is supported by a French company. Each artist makes a major contribution to the buoyancy of the French music market.

121 export certifications, 55 certified acts: ‘made-in-France’ productions are booming outside France

The use of social media and streaming platforms aids discovery and access to a broader range of music throughout the world. For example, Jain’s track ‘Lil Mama’ has gone viral in Asia even though the track has never been marketed as a single.

Around the world, the image France projects is still attractive. Acts like Polo & Pan embody French nonchalance, L’Impératrice seduce international audiences with their typical French charm, and the French urban scene is competing on the world stage with acts like Aya Nakamura, PNL and Lartiste. Zaz is becoming an icon of bohemian Paris – reminding listeners of the golden age of Edith Piaf. In turn, the French legend’s life has also been brought to the stage by Piaf ! the Show, which heads up Le Bureau Export’s live hit-list.

Find out more about the export trends of the French recording industry in our infographic [in French]
Full Certifications Export 2019 List

Le Bureau Export has listed 5 553 concert-dates outside France in 2019

Le Bureau Export has identified 5 553 concert dates outside France in 2019. These 5553 concert dates have been booked by 167 French agents and have featured 750 different acts. These ‘made-in-France’ acts have visisted 114 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Independant classical ensembles have been booked for more than 600 dates outside France. The genres (early, classical and contemporary) have crossed borders – althought Europe is still the most visited territory, Asia and North America are developing. Chamber music formations like Quatuor Modigliani and Quatuor Arod are topping the classical live hit-list. However large ensemble are close behind. Les Arts Florissants, who have been celebrating their 40th anniversary, are 4th on the list.
As for contemporary music, the international audience is in demand of artistic projects mixing traditionnal instruments and electronics with the likes of Accroche Note or Collectif Lovemusic topping the contemporary hit-list.

French jazz seduces international audiences with its variety. Vincent Peirani, who has proved to be an incredibly versatile act, has topped out live Jazz hit-list, while Tigran Hamasyan and his Armenian-folk-infused jazz is making great strides in Europe. Théo Ceccaldi has also been a hit with audiences outside France, as well as promoters who have chosen him to participate in this year’s Jazz Export Days. Outsite Europe, French jazz is developing in Asia – the second-most-visited continent after Europe.

Find out more about the export trends of the French live industry in our infographic [in French]
Full 2019 Popular Music / Jazz live hit-list
Ful 2019 Classical / Contemporary live hit-list

In 2019, Le Bureau Export has supported more than 560 acts across all genres.
Every year Le Bureau Export’s expert guidance becomes more of a strategic strength for the French music industry: many 2019 export successes benefitted from our services – including consulting, networking and financial grants.

2020 is shaping up to be just as exciting for ‘made-in-France’ music as Aya Nakamura and L’Impératrice – both 2019 export successes – have been selected to perform at the Coachella festival.

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