27/02/2020 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Europe | Kid Francescoli is touring Europe with his album “Lovers”

Mathieu Hocine aka Kid Francescoli (Alter K) is starting a tour after the release of his last album Lovers, on 31st january 2020. 

The DJ from Marseille, Mathieu Hocine created his pop and electro music project in 2002 and named it Kid Francescoli in reference to the ex olympic star Enzo Francescoli. His music has been been used in commercials for several major luxury brands, such as Lanvin, Lacoste, Lancome or Channel

After a collaboration with the American singer Julia Minkin, on both of his previous albums, the artist has surrounded himself with several singers: Samantha, Sarah Rebecca, iOni or Nassee in the creation of Lovers, an album that signs his return to dream-pop.

Lastly, Kid Francescoli’s music and particularly the track “Moon” from his last album Play Me Again (2017,) had a lot of success on TikTok in the USA and in China : the track is on 360 000 videos totalling 150 millions views.

Kid Francescoli’s tour will first go through several european cities (Lausanne, London, Luxembourg City, Amsterdam, Brussels and Istanbul), where several dates are already sold out, before to go to Germany in April.

Kid Francescoliwill also perform during the What the France Night on April 9th at Budapest  Akvarium Klub, during the Spring Festival.

Kid Francescoli’s tour will include:

UPDATE: Due to the measures taken to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the dates of 13 March 2020 to 18 April 2020 are cancelled and subsequently postponed.