08/11/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | French 79 seduces the international electro scene and releases its second album

French 79 has released his second album Joshua on Friday 8 November – time to look back on the journey of the man, who has seduced the international scene with his tracks imbued with nostalgia and pop rhythms.

Hailing from Marseille, the producer Simon Hener aKa French 79 released his first album Olympic (Alter K) in 2017. Main title “Diamond Veins”, in collaboration with Sarah Rebecca, quickly became known worldwide. “Diamond Veins” was synched to several TV series such as Gotham (FOX) and ads for McDonald’s or Yves Saint Laurent and recently exceeded the 8-million listenings on Spotify.

To compose his new album Joshua, Simon Hener found his inspiration in his teenage years during the 1980’s/90’s. This way he offers tracks imbued of analogical synthesizers intended to remind us of movie soundtracks at that time.

With a style characterized by dynamic pop touches and nostalgia, French 79 is now considered as one of the “French Touch” representatives on the international electronic scene.

An internationally expected album

The international press already well received the four first singles out of Joshua: “Hometown”, “Hold On”, “By your Side” and “Code Zero”. The expected album has now been released and available to listen here.

Last August, Billboard made French 79 one of the electronic artist to keep an eye on for the ending of 2019 – evoking the artist’s particular style and his first album Olympic. The article also mentions Joshua as the album intended to propel French 79 on the international scene.

“Hits “Between The Buttons” and “Diamond Veins” with Sarah Rebecca brought him to stages across Europe, but his forthcoming album Joshua, set for release in November, is designed to launch him worldwide”

Billboard – “Billboard Dance Emerging Artists: August 2019”

On September 19th, the magazine has exclusively announced the release of “Hometown” videoclip with an article that highlights the particularities of the track and its modern sound, stained with 80’s music references.

Even as it bleets and rumbles with retro ’80s sounds, it plays smooth and alluring on the edge of what modern electronic music should be. It’s funky, infectious, and it’s heavy with meaning for Henner.”

Billboard – “French 79’s ‘Hometown’ Rides a Perfect, Dark Synth Groove: Exclusive”

The clip  has now more than 700,000 views on Youtube.

The media International House of Sound also mentions “Hometown” as “a song that captures us from the very beginning“.

The magazine Blackbook launched the track “By your side” preview and refers to the artist’s new collaboration with Sarah Rebecca, as a “perfection”, while “Hold On” has already been broadcasted on German radios: Byte FM & WDR 1 Live – one of the most listened radio in Germany.

Yesterday, just before the release of the album the blog EARMILK published the videoclip for “Code Zero” which traces the process of creating the song. Th website describes the track as a “memory of childhood treasures“. This release has also been featured on Vents Magazine and Broadway World websites.

The upcoming dates of French 79 tour in Europe

Joshua’s release is accompanied by an european tour that will goes through

  • December 18, 2019 – Burg Schnabel, Berlin (DE)
  • January 18-22, 2020 – Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival, Groningen (NL)
  • January 22, 2020 – London Colours, London (UK)