31/10/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | “Mil Pasos” by Soha : the story of a publishing success

In 2007, the singer-songwriter Soha composed the track “Mil Pasos” co-published by Intense and Universal Music Publishing France. Since then, the track has been successful abroad through different covers. The track has just been published again for a pop and latino cover performed by the Spanish artist Xuso Jones. 

“Mil Pasos” appears for the first time on Soha‘s album D’ici et d’ailleurs, released on Parlophone Music in 2008.

If the track, performed in Spanish and in French has never been the subject of a single, it generated 34 million views on Youtube and 10 million listenings on Spotify.

“Mil Pasos”: A global and multilingual success

In 2013, the track has been covered in Italian by Chiara Galiazzo in duo with Fiorella Mannoia. Building on its success, the track is still broadcasted on radio nowadays.

In 2014, a kizomba remix relaunched the original track. It counts 37 million view on Youtube.

The track is also known in Poland via the TV show “World of Dance Polska”, broadcasted on the national channel Polsat – the first TV channel of Poland with 11,30% in market share. The track accompanies the choreography of Ildar Gaynutdinov & Julianna Kobtseva, winners of the show.

In Turkey, the track is covered in 2018 by Nükhet Duru, one of the most popular Turkish singer, whose track “Ben Sana Vurgunum” has been sampled by The Weeknd.

On the same year, the song travelled to Seoul. It is included to the program of the American team on the occasion of the contest of figure iceskating “Four Continents”. “Mil Pasos” succeed to “Get Busy” by Sean Paul. The track brings good luck since the American team won the competition.

In 2019, Emir Rengle, winner of the TV contest “Romania Got Talent”, has covered  “Mil Pasos” in a dance version with the singer Ami.

More recently, Spanish singer Xuso Jones covered the song. The track has been released on October 22 in Spanish. It has entered exclusively on the first Spanish radio network Los40 Pincipales. Xuso Jones will perform the track at the Los 40 Gala, the equivalent of the NRJ Music Awards in France.