24/10/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | A look back at Deezer User-Centric Payment System

Last month, the global music streaming service based in France, Deezer, announced the launch of the User-Centric Payment System – a new online initiative, which purpose is to make the music industry fairer for artists. 

The news shook music industry and has been taken over in a lot of international media, including  Billboard, Rolling Stone or Music Business Worldwide.

According to Alexander Holland, Deezer’s Chief Content and Strategy Officer, “Digital technologies and data make it easier than ever to make sure that all artists and content creations have a fair playing field“. Therefore, UCPS’s main purpose is to make the music industry fairer for artists whose remuneration would be based on individual user listening, rather than on the overall market share. Beyond the implementation of a fairer system, UCPS also enables to help tackle streaming fraud and bot activities.

More than 40 labels have already agreed to this new system but at the moment, these labels are mainly independent, and the company still needs to convince refractory majors.

To shape its initiative, Deezer launched a new website and a social media campain with the “#MakeStreamingfair” hashtag, intended to music professionals but above all to music consumers. The purpose is to promote a user-centric payment system and to explain the initiative. Premium Deezer subscribers will have access to a tool to find out which artists benefits from their music streams so they can realize to what extent their subscription payments would support their favorite artists.

Deezer hopes to launch its UCPS pilot program in France first, in early 2020, before extending it to international markets.