23/10/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Spain | Three “made in France” artists will perform at BIME City (Bilbao – October 30/31 2019)

BIME 2019 edition will take place in Espagne at Bilbao from October 30th to 31thfor the Pro event and from November 1st to 2nd for the festival. This year, about ffty artists including 3 “made in France” band will perform on the Basque festival. 

BIME : opening to Latin America

The convention-festival BIME has been launched in 2003 and comes in 3 formats :

  • BIME Pro takes placebefore the festival, from October 30th to November 1st. Meeting place between continents, BIME Pro launch this year a Pan-Hispanic reunion of music conventions to create bonds between continents and links with the sector in Latrin America. Its 2019 edition will host the first Atlantic Music Conferences Symposium (AMCS), reuniting nine convention of Spanish speakers country.
  • BIME City,alongside the convention, offers a series of showcases to professionals. BIME City showcases are also a preview for festival-goers.
  • BIME Live is the most important in-door festival in Spain. From November 1st to 2nd, it reunites rassemble des eclectic headliners such as Kraftwerk, Foals or Jamiroquai.


Three “made in France” artists at BIME City

The Psychotic Monks : Wednesday 30 October @ Shake Bilbao

the Parisian Band The Psychotic Monks (A Gauche de la Lune) was born in 2015. It releasedtwo albums on the label Vicious Circle, Silence Slowly and Madly Shine, in 2017. In 2019 Private Meaning First, in which they explore and ils explorent et experience rock, psychedelia, punk to garage rock and much more, will be release.

Catfish : Thursday 31 October @ Azkena

Catfish (Upton Park) is an independant rock trio made of Damien et Amandine, then joined by Mathis on keyboards. Inspired by The Doors, Beth Ditto and Deltahead, the trio plays a rough, raw and straightforwardmusic.

Lysistrata :Thursday 31 October @ Shake Bilbao

Lysistrata (Jerkov) is a trio composed of Théo Guéneau (guitar, vocals), Max Roy (bass, vocals) and Ben Amos Cooper (drums, vocals). Created in 2013, they developp an esthetic between post-rock, post-noise or post-pop. The band juist released its 2nd album Breathe In/Out (Vicious Circle).