10/06/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Deena Abdelwahed on tour at festivals this summer

The Tunisian DJ and producer Deena Abdelwahed is on tour this summer in plenty of countries around the world.

Born and raised in a Tunisian family, Deena Abdelwahed grew up in Qatar before she settled in Toulouse in 2015. She is passionnate about computer music, and draws inspiration from the instrumentals of Detroit hip-hop producer J Dilla and from footwork – a subgenre of Chicago House with very rapid beats.
She gained experiences in Tunisia’s jazz and alternative scene with the band So Soulful, and later on with the DJ collective World Full of Bass. The young Tunisian musician describes her own style as “an alternative music, at the crossroad of English bass music and Arab-Berber music” (Télérama).

As a socially conscious artist, Deena mixes electronic music with politics. Her EP Klabb (meaning “furious”, “agitated”) and debut album Khonnar (slang, untranslatable in English, which means a taboo) released on the French label InFiné are evidence of her commitment. Deena Abdelwahed’s music is critically acclaimed and intrigues international media: Deenad Abdelwahed is now touring numerous festivals around the world.

After Jordan, Deena Abdelwahed is taking her tour to:

  • 20/06/2019 : Kolorado Festival – Budapest (HU)
  • 21/06/2019 : Tauron Nowa Muzyka – Katowice (PL)
  • 27/06/2019 : Plisskën Festival – Athens (GR)
  • 29/06/2019 : Berghain – Berlin (DE)
  • 04/07/2019 : Festival Veranos de la Villa – Madrid (ES)
  • 11/07/2019 : Dour Festival – Dour (BE)
  • 20/07/2019 : Sonar Barcelona – Barcelona (ES)
  • 26/07/2019 : Kaiku – Helsinki (FI)
  • 01/08/2019 : Dekmantel Festival – Amsterdam (NL)
  • 03/08/2019 : Nachtdigital Festival – Leipzig (DE)
  • 31/08/2019 : Red Bull Music Festival Club Night – Moscow (RU)
  • 14/09/2019 : Horst 2019 – Holsbeek (BE)