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Oceania | Review on Trio SR9’s tour in New Zealand and in Australia

The percussion ensemble Trio SR9 presented two programs in New Zealand and in Australia. Their latest tour in Oceania draw the attention of local media. 

Trio SR9: marimbas exploring baroque and contemporary music

Founded in 2010 at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon, Trio SR9 is made of Alexandre Esperet, Nicolas Cousin and Paul Changarnier. Trio SR9 won the Musique d’Ensemble Award – an European competition by FNAPEC in 2012. It then sepcialised in performances with three marimbas and performs world-class composers’ repertoire – from Bach to Ravel, from Mendelssohn to Stravinsky. The ensemble is also very active on the contemporary scene and is devoted to the evolution of contemporary percussion repertoire by interpreting and ordering works from young composers.

A remarquable tour in Oceania

This year from April 29 to May 3, Trio SR9 was on a 5-datr tour in Oceania with Le Bureau Export’s support. In Christchurch, New Zealand, the ensemble showcased their project “Alors, on danse ?” and also presented a workshop at the University of Canterbury.

In Canberra, Australia, Trio SR9 took part in the Canberra International Music Festival. The ensemble presented two programmes: “Alors, on danse ?” – extracts from their latest eponymous album released on Naïve, and “Bach au marimba” – a programme revisiting the baroque repertoire of the German composer. Their perfomance was covered by the regional media About RegionalCanberra Times et Riot Act! and received positive critiques.

Limelight, an Australian magazine specialized in classical music and performing arts highlighted Trio SR9’s original touch on Bach’s music:

« The three marimbists of Trio SR9 brought yet another timbre to Bach’s counterpoint, in Contrapunctus XIII.  » – Limelight, « A World of Bach (Canberra International Music Festival) »

The local magazine City News sees in the interpretation of Trio SR9 the expression of a new facet of Bach:

« Trio SR9, playing three marimbas, perform Contrapuncti III and XIIb from Bach’s famous set, “Art of Fugue”. The interactions of the deep, resonant tones of the marimbas create sustained patterns of harmony that hang in the Fitters’ acoustic, taking Bach to a new level. » – City News, « The Buzz that even Bach would have love »

The magazine also dedicated to the ensemble a complete article titled « French Trio Reveals the Delights of the Marimba ». The article reviewed their communicative interpretation to the audience and their mastery of marimba. According to City News, “this trio of expert players captured the wonder of the instrument with accuracy and precision”.

Go check Trio SR9’s agenda to find out their upcoming concerts abroad. 

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