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USA | Coachella 2019 review: made-in-France artists shine on an international scale

Coachella 2019 saw the presence of 11 made-in-France acts. Their coming represented the most extended made-in-France line-up in the USA since the late 1990s.

After two weekends of music and parties, Coachella came to an end on April 21. The 2019 edition has programmed 11 made-in-France artists: Charlotte Gainsbourg (Because Music), Polo & Pan (Ekler’o’shock/Caroline), Calypso Rose (Because Music), Christine and the Queens (Because Music), FKJ (Roche Musique), Parcels (Kitsuné Musique/Because Music), Jain (Colombia/Sony), CloZee (Klakson), Agoria (Sapiens Records/Virgin Mercury), Gesaffelstein (Columbia) and Cola Boyy (Record Makers).

The partner channel “Coachella with YouTube” shed light on the made-in-France acts

Before and during the festival, Coachella conducted interviews and broadcast live performances via its YouTube channel to increase the visibility of the artists.
Find below the videos of the made-in-France artists:

Calypso Rose (Because Music)

The mini-documentary looks back on the origins of Calypso Rose, dean of the 2019 edition of the festival: Trinidad and Tobago, her Caribbean culture and the calypso – initially a music and a carnival dance that Calypso Rose popularized and feminized.

Find below an extract of her performance at Coachella:

Christine and the Queens (Because Music)

Before her anticipated performance at Coachella, the festival followed Christine and the Queens back in December at Paris Accor Arena. During the interview, the French artist talked about her work, her relationships with pop music, France, gender questions and with her fans.

Watch two extracts of her concert at Coachella:

FKJ (Roche Musique)

Interviewed during his stay at Coachella, FKJ shared his feeling of being part of the official program after having been programmed on Do LaB – a side event of the festival. He also talked about his exceptional live session for Cercle at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, about his collaborations especially with Masego and about his practice of different instruments.

Parcels (Kitsuné Musique/Because Music)

Cola Boyy (Record Makers)

Cola Boyy was one of the first names to be annouced by the festival. Ahead of the festival, a promotional video was made with the Oxnard native. This small town in California is known for its music scene and its inhabitants. The question and answer session reveals his influences, his differences, his engagements…

The made-in-France phenomenon in the USA intrigued the international media

At the end of the first weekend of the festival, an AFP dispatch titled “Post French Touch, a new breed of pop stars takes global stage” has been shared by multiple media around the world, including Daily Mail (UK)Gulf Today (AE)Global Times (CN)24Pilipinas (PH)Free Malaysia Today (MY). This article considers that apart from indie bands like Phoenix, such a line-up of made-in-France music has not been seen in the USA since the late 1990s.

The made-in-France artists also made the most of the festival to do interviews with renowned international media. For example, the prestigious website of Grammy Awards has published two interviews with Agoria and Jain, while Polo & Pan and Gesaffelstein spoke with Billboard (USA) and Christine and the Queens with Rolling Stones (USA).

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