01/04/2019 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France | Jazz Migration #5 has announced the winners of its artistic and professional support

Jazz Migration has announced on March 26, the winners for the 5th edition of its supporting program. 

The AJC (Association Jazzé Croisé) runs an innovative and ambitious program, Jazz Migration, which has existed since 2002 to promote and develop young musicians from French jazz scene through artistic and professionalizing guidance, career development and booking support.

During the 5th edition, 4 winners were selected by a jury of 130 programmers.

Get to know the 4 acts selected by Jazz Migration:


The Jazz band Kepler has the idea of making the sound necessary. The three musicians defend a form of cold beauty against a world always getting a little faster. The stability of their music hides the discontinuities, the rupture and invites to a different listening experience.

Nefertiti Quartet

Nefertiti is a quartet created in 2013 by the pianist Delphine Deau. Their originality shows in a rhythmic and popular jazz with transcendent improvisations. After the debut album Danses Futuristes released in 2015, the band returned in 2018 with a sophomore album Morse Code.

Nosax Noclar

The duo Nosax Noclar does not necessarily defend a label or a trademark. Their music is colorful: sometimes fairy, inspired by Nordic countries ; sometimes heartwarming evoking the Mediterranean area… The two musicians are inspired by travels and develop their own themes.


The trio YOU offers a musical journey with different elements: folk music, instrumental pieces and songs of poets. The drummer Heloïse Divilly writes the songs.  Her writings introduce a pop universe and add instant creation.

These four groups of emerging talents will take part in a full professional program over two years: residencies, theoretical and artistic training and career development in 2019, followed by a French and European tour in 2020.