Davide Esposito - (c) Renaud Corlouer
08/11/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Composer Davide Esposito is topping the international charts with song “Ali di Libertà”

“Ali di Libertà” is a track written and composed by Davide Esposito and sung by Andrea Bocelli. The song is #1 on the UK charts and the US Billboard 200… A new impuls in Esposito’s carreer represented by Peermusic France

Davide Esposito is an Italian songwriter, composer and singer published by Peermusic France for 14 years now and Sacem member. Many of his compositions have found success on the French market and abroad, being sung by the likes of Nolwenn Leroy, Kendji Girac or Céline Dion. More recently, he has written Zaz‘s return-single “Que Vendra”.

“Ali di Libertà” shines another light on Davide Esposito’s carreer. The song is the opening track of Andrea Bocelli’s latest album  Sì that has been released on October 26 in 60 territories. Since this weekend, the album is topping the UK and USA charts and is reaching the Top 10 in Korean, Italian, Dutch and Australian charts.
It is Andrea Bocelli’s very first album reaching this position in the USA – stirring the interest of Billboard, which dedicated a full article to the subject. It is also a premiere for Davide Esposito.

The track is also available in an acoustic version featuring Bocelli’s son Matteo. It is also a marketing asset to reach a broader international audience – the song declines in French under the name “Un rêve de liberté” and in Spanish “Alas de Libertà” – available in Spain and Latin America.