Moon Gogo
05/10/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

South Korea | Moon Gogo bring their “Joy” tour to Korea

Moon Gogo is the surprising teaming of a master of the komungo – a thousand year old korean music instrument – and a singer/songwriter who knows his way around playing keyboard, guitar, hyperfuzz pedal and sings. The music they play together is invariably sober and obsessive, elegant and slightly dishevelled, intimate and smoothly punk.

The duo that started in 2013 has recently released its second album ironically titled Joy via Havalina Records. In fact, the emotions the album is nursing are the kind that would rather curb any joy. Nine tracks in total, which design a unique and unexplored musical territory.

Joy is also the name give to their tour passing by everywhere in France between 2018 and 2019 – but also abroad with 8 dates in 5 different Korean cities. With Zandari Festa unfolding in parallel, Korea looks like the place to be for made-in-France acts in this month of October.

Don’t miss Moon Gogo on stage in Korea :

  • 09/29 – B39 – BUCHEON (KR)
  • 09/30 – GWANGJU (KR)
  • 10/03 – Sori Festival – JEONJU (KR)
  • 10/04 – Sori Festival – JEONJU (KR)
  • 10/05 – L’Entrepôt – DAEJEON (KR)
  • 10/06 – Blossomland Live Hall – SEOUL (KR)
  • 10/07 – KT&G – SEOUL (KR)
  • 10/07 – Strange Fruit – SEOUL (KR)