19/10/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Europe | Vincent Peirani to perform his album “Living Being II (Night Walker)” in Germanophone countries

In August, Vincent Peirani (Molpé Music) has released his latest album  Living Being II (Night Walker) via ACT. From October 21 to November 7, he will perform with the quintet Living Being in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland for a 11-date tour. 

Vincent Peirani and Living Being :  a self-described « Chamber Rock Music Orchestra »

The album Living Being II (Night Walker) has been critically acclaimed. In the German media, it has been described as “a soundtrack for a mental movie” (Musik für den Film im Kopf – General Anzeiger), or by “an explosion of dynamism and enthusiasm” (Eine Musik, die vor Dynamik und Spielfreude geradezu explodiert – SWR2). The album is also part of Italian magazine Giornalle della musicas October selection.

Classically trained, Vincent Peirani is a jack-of-all-trade: he has tried out with success jazz, French chanson and has composed movie soundtracks. With such a background, he connects differents influences in his music.
He won several international awards and notably was awarded the German Echo Jazz four times.

In 2018, he comes back with the Living Being quintet – made of Julien Herné on the bass, Yoann Serra at the drums, Emile Parisien at the saxophone and Tony Paeleman on the keyboards.
Three years after their first project, Living Being II (Night Walker) delivers a mix of covers ranging from Henry Purcell’s baroque (“What Power Art Thou”), to Sonny & Cher’s pop (“Bang Bang”) or Led Zeppelin’s hard rock  (“Kashmir to Heaven: Stairway to Heaven”). The album also contains original compositions conveying different moods.

Do you speak German?

This simple question is the name of the tour. From October 21 to November 7, the Living Being quintet will hit the road for 5 dates in Germany. The tour will pass by other germanophone countries including Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.