Tample Sync
03/09/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Summer Light by Tample selected for a global ad campaign

Pop band Tample wins an important sync opportunity with Citroën and takes another step towards global success.

Tample’s track “Summer Light” has been chosen to illustrate the new Citroën’s global advertising campaign for its utilitary vehicule line. The advertising film is part of a serie of 5 films, driven by Traction Agency (BETC). The campaign will be broadcasted on TV and on the web on a global scale – starting September 1st. It will air during all the year.

The band, represented by Yotanka and Melodyn, will perform in Hamburg, Germany on September 22nd as part of the What the France Nights, Vol. 2, presented by What the France during the Focus France at the Reeperbahn Festival.