21/09/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France | MHD states global ambitions with sophomore album 19

After touring the world to support his debut album, MHD comes back with 19 and is about to go back on tour… for the last time?

Always willing to be in control of his communication strategy, the “prince of Afrotrap” chose the 19th of September as the release date for his sophomore album titled 19. This second effort by the French artist comes 2 years after MHD, the debut album that propeled his career to new heights and kept him busy on tour since 2016.

This first offering also revealed MHD’s strong potential on the international scale. Certified gold in international sales in 2017, MHD the album, is now platinum with more than 100 000 sales abroad. An appeal outside of France that has also been confirmed on stage, the artist is among those privileged that have set foot on the most prestigious stages in Europe and even led a North American tour in September 2017.

With 19, MHD built a project that comes as more mature and intimate without sacrificing the magic formula that benefited him so much thus far. Honoring his Prince status, he unites today’s heroes and yesterday’s legends in a project that demonstrates the depth of his influences. Featuring Afrobeat champions : Salif Keita, Yémi Aladé and Wizkid. Showcasing french Hip-Hop’s versatility with Orelsan, Dadju and Koys. And last but not least, inviting Stefflon Don, another european artist from the urban scene that shines on the global stage.

In addition to the album, MHD released a music video for the title track “XIX”, subtitled on Youtube in no less than 5 languages. With an European Arenas tour already announced, the artist’s ambitions for this new album are clearly stated. In terms of media coverage, Africa, Spain and the US have been the first ones to react, notably with an album review from Rolling Stone. A release that comes with great expectations, and a bit of a doubt. In fact, MHD has recently hinted to an early stoppage of his career.

Find out MHD’s tour dates here and listen to the album by clicking on the cover down below :

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