19/06/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Japan | Moodoïd is making Japanese headlines

For a few weeks now, Moodoïd is a trending topics in Japenese media. 

Earlier this month, Japanese band Wednesday Campanella realeased a new single ‘Matriochka’ featuring French act Moodoïd.
This stirred the attention of Japanese entertainment media over Moodoïd. The French singer is making the lines of Natalie – one of most visited Japanese entertainment website, and Spincoaster – a tastemaking online media, which recently opened its own Spincoaster Music Bar in Shibuya.

Following the release of Moodoïd’s latest album Cité Champagne, he has been interviewed by Rockin’On – a local monthly magazine dedicated to international music, wheareas Rockin’On Japan is dedicated to domestic music. In addition, local DJ Punkadelix did a wide interview of Moodoïd for Get News.

Moodoïd’s latest release Cité Champagne explores the city as a theme, and is widely inspired by Tokyo. Pablo Padovani notably made several trips to Tokyo and got inspired by old Japanese pop. The tracks are sung in French, English and even Japanese. As the album intertwines languages, the  song ‘Langage’ questions the function of communication. The track opens the album in a French and English version, while it closes it in a Franco-Japanese version featuring Wednesday Campanella.

Moodoïd will go back to Tokyo on the 18th of June for Summer Sonic Festival – Midnight Sonic.