19/06/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France l Natalia Doco curates a playlist for What The France

Argentinian singer Natalia Doco has selected 50-made-in-France tracks for What The France.

Yael Naim, Camille, Carla Bruni, but also Pomme, Gaël Faure, Laurent Lamarca or Frero Delavega, it’s all in here – French chanson in its broadest expression.

Natalia Doco was born in Buenos Aires in 1982, but she found home in Paris in 2011. In 2014 she put out her EP Freezing followed by her first album Mucho Chino, sung both in Spanish and English. Despite a significant success, she chose to follow a different artistic way and founded her own label, Casa del Arbol.
To record her second album, she got in touch with Argentinian musician Axel Krygier. El Buen Gualicho ensued and was published in September 2017. Sung in Spanish and French, the songs will make the German and Swiss crowd sing this summer.

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What the France

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