19/06/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France l Kazy Lambist picks out your summer soundtrack

French pop producer Kazy Lambist picks 42 tracks for What The France.

Arthur Dubreucq is a young artist hailing from Montpellier who made his name producing summery electro-pop anthems such as ‘Doing Yoga‘ or ‘On You‘. The French electro-pop vibes – sexy, groovy and sometimes pleasingly cheesy – this is what shines through the most of his playlist. You can also expect the freshest hip-hop artists, showing the eclectism of the man’s tastes.

Vendredi Sur Mer, Myd, Lewis OfMan, Polo & Pan or Paradis – it mostly sounds like a soundtrack to a sunny afternoon by the pool.

Following his show at Archspace in London, Kazy Lambist will be performing in the Netherlands for Wildburg Festival (13/07) and in Tel Aviv (5/09) for Tropisme Festival.

What the France

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