19/06/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Europe | Call for applications to join ‘European Grands Formats’, the network of large jazz ensembles

Grands Formats is a federation of artists, founded 15 years ago by French band leaders set up to defend the existence and durability of large jazz groups. Presently, the federation is made up of 57 large ensembles, representing the wide artistic diversity of jazz and improvised music. Implanted in France, the federation represents nearly 1000 musicians.

The federation is convinced that creating a European network for artists and large ensembles is a necessity in order to :

  • Give more visibility to the music of large ensembles
  • Enable large European bands to share experiences and advice
  • Encourage exchange and artistic alliances on a large scale
  • Speak with a single collective voice and play the role of spokesperson in European discussions on behalf of artists

If you are interested, go to the website and download the membership form.
Please return it for June the 30th to Aude Chandoné

More information (English translation coming soon) :

– Website

Contact :

Aude Chandoné, chief delegate
+33 (0)1 40 26 31 36 / +33 (0)6 68 94 93 52