13/06/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Brazil | Ibeyi joins Brazilian MC Emicida in « Hacia El Amor »

In the midst of their Brazilian tour, Ibeyi found the time to collaborate with reknown rapper Emicida. The result is a highly satisfying hispano-portuguese feature, built around love, yoruba culture and border-crossing values.

The track was recorded at the Lab Fantasma in São Paulo, then they reconnected in Paris to film the visuals (shot by Christian Beauchet). This echoes as a true border-breaking artistic linkage, an example to follow for international artists from all sides.

The song blends tribal reggaeton drums with electronic elements and some melancholic keys, opening the way for Emicida‘s verse. The sisters’ voices merge as one soothing soulful melody.

Listen to ‘Hacia el Amor’ in the What the France’s playlist ‘Around the World’: