30/05/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Piaf! The Show helps Edith Piaf’s legacy resonate

Some things are timeless, Edith Piaf‘s catalogue is one of them. Few have succeeded in leaving a legacy as memorable as La Môme. More than 50 years after, her voice still resonates throughout the world thanks to the work of Directo Productions and their « Piaf ! The Show » live act.

The show counts more than 300 performances in more than 50 countries, gathering at least a million spectators. Created by Gil Marsalla and interpreted by Anne Carrere, it is definitely one of the great driving forces behind French musical heritage’s influence. This year the show even manage to performe in front of a sold-out Carnegie Hall (New York).

2017 has been a great year for Directo Productions, but more successes are to be expected in 2019 with 5 touring shows: « Piaf ! The Show » of course, but also « Paris ! The Show », « Formidable Aznavour », « Douce France » and « Piaf ! Symphonic », which will be the occasion for a come-back to Carnegie Hall in 2020. All these shows put great effort into making the French musical legacy shine bright internationally.

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