02/05/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

Poland | ENEA Spring Break at Poznań (19/22 April 2018)

ENEA Spring Break Festival taking place at Poznan, is one of the most important showcase festival of Poland. 

For its 4th edition, the Polish festival has rounded up about 5.000 people – including 500 professionals. The professionals’ frequentation has risen from 10 to 15% in comparison to 2017.
This year, the ‘Made in France’ artists showcasing at ENEA Spring Break Festival were Lysistrata, Adam Naas et KillASon.

Ahead of the ‘Made in France’ showcases, Le Bureau Export Berlin and Institut français de Pologne à Varsovie thrown a networking reception gathering delegates (more than 50 Polish delegates and international professionals). The reception was organised in partnership with Go Ahead, the festival’s promoter.
All three shows were sold out to the point that many festival-goers were denied access to the venue.

BalconyTV, a local web TV, has recorded live sessions with Adam Naas and KillASon. The sessions are set to be broadcasted in the weeks to come.

Many links have been tighted up between the ‘Made in France’ acts and Polish professionals attending the shows – auguring news opportunities for live, release and promotion on the territory, starting as early as this year.

Significant coverage have been counted – on the radio, on the internet and on social media.

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Ben Ling
Le Bureau Export Berlin
Germany-The Netherlands-Poland Expert