16/05/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France | Electronic music live scene is thriving

Shotgun’s research department – Shotgun is an app that specializes in electronic nights ticket sales – wants to establish a state of play of the French electronic music live industry. The first part of the report underlines the economic growth of this market.

The study is based on cross-linked data from Facebook, Resident Advisor, Soundcloud and Shotgun’s own « Smartboards », which collects information on customers for professionals of the industry. The main observation highlighted is the exceptional growth of both demand and offer on the national and regional levels.

Geographic analysis points out a clear deconcentration of electronic events, Paris no longer is the only “electronic hub”. The report emphasizes the fact that growth is much more substantial outside of Paris. Indeed, cities such as Lyon or Marseille, but also Rennes, Lille or Bordeaux, have really taken over in terms of events offer and demand. The Paris region, which accounted in 2014 for approximately 65% of the French market, now accounts for barely 53%.

Another key point of the report concerns the balance of offer and demand: the increase in demand is almost twice as high. Within the last 4 years, demand increased by 550% while offer grew by 230%. According to this data, the French population’s interest in electronic events is greater than what’s being offered across the country, undoubtedly great news for all promoters and artists.

More qualitative information is to follow this report, in an objective to define all the aspects of the French electronic music market. The whole report itself will be presented at the Paris Electronic Week, by the end of September 2018.

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Methodology and vision (in French)