27/04/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

World | Google to replace Google Play with “YouTube Remix”

According to « Droid Life », Google is in the process of completely stopping Google Play. Its streaming service is set to be replaced with « YouTube Remix », by the end of the year. 

The decision comes from Google’s poor performance in the music sector compared to Spotify or Apple Music. YouTube Remix would be the fusion of YouTube Red (the ad-free version of YouTube) and Google Play. Entirely dedicated to music and video clips, the service would offer a forward-thinking playlist and recommandation service, to be more fine-tuned than the current version.

Lyor Cohen, head of music at YouTube has confirmed this intention, but no clue have been given on the price nor details on the service. However, he has attested that the advertising on music would intensify, for the purpose of encouraging users to subscribe a paid version.

Lately some users have been receiving e-mails informing them about the rationalization of the service. All the videos and data are to be gathered on a single channel for each artist, as it is the case on other streaming platforms.

Google has been trying to get its hands on the music industry for several years now, the only way they actually achieved to do so was through YouTube, the most popular free music offer. But the game is changing and both YouTube and the rightholders want the content to be, rightfully, paid for.

There is still no specific information on the way Google is to proceed, but it will certainly be a slow and incremental transition, that could definitely have a strong impact on the music streaming market given the huge user-base YouTube has.

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