27/04/2018 | Le Bureau Export Paris

France | SNEP will no longer take free streaming into account

The SNEP (national syndicate for music publishing), French reference for charts and music certifications will now count “premium” streaming consumption only.

For the third year running, the French music industry has been constantly growing – largely thanks to « premium » streaming (streaming by subscription). Therefore, it was a common wish amongst professionals to rely on the actual source of added-value, i.e. subscription fees, to establish the calculation of charts.

As of the 27th of April, « free » streaming will no longer be taken into account. The economic value of music returns as the common denominator for all music consumption means – physical and digital. In doing so, France aligns with Germany and Italy.

Regarding certifications, this new rule comes with a 50% increase of the thresholds for singles, adapting to the rapid tranformations of the market. However they remain the same for albums.

New thresholds :

  • GOLD : 15 million streams (formerly 10)
  • PLATINUM : 30 million streams (formerly 20)
  • DIAMOND : 50 million streams (formerly 35)

The update of the calculation methods takes place in a context in which music professionals require a correction of the « value transfer » from policymakers. Indeed they seek to compensate the growing gap between the value some platforms such as YouTube perceive, and the value actually allocated to the music industry. The aim is to make the digital market more equitable.

Source : SNEP