how can Le Bureau Export help you?

The work of Le Bureau Export is two-fold, supporting French industry professionals while simultaneously advising and assisting international professionals interested in made in France artists. Focusing on ConnectionsCommunication and Funding to ensure successful international collaborations for made in France projects, Le Bureau Export provides a wide-range of assistance and services to music professionals around the world.


Establishing and enriching relationships between international and French professionals
●   Networking events with French industry professionals (in France and abroad)
●   Invitations to international festivals and conferences such as Printemps de Bourges, Trans Musicales, Musicora, Babel Med, etc.
●   Access to pertinent French music professional contacts. 


Providing information about Made in France artists, their French professional entourage and the French music industry
●   Expert recommendations and assistance for discovering and working with Made in France artists
●   Latest updates on music Made in France in the UK (, in the US (, in Germany ( and on French classical music
●   Promotion of made in France events via local newsletters and social media
●   Promotion of made in France music via our own playlist service What The France
●   Information on the French music industry.


Offering financial support for made in France projects abroad
●   Commissions awarding funds for international prospection, promotional costs (independent PR, promo trips, showcases), international tours, etc.
●   Financial support for local partners and professionals promoting music Made in France outside of France.

To find out more about how your local bureauexport office can help you, please feel free to contact your country’s office.