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20→22 July 2018

MIMO Amarante

Amarante, Portugal
  • Professional event
  • Popular music
MIMO is a wandering festival – created in 2004. Its singular concept casts the light on different fields such as music, cinema, heritage and education. It takes place in different historical Brasilian cities: Olinda, Paraty, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro. For its 15th anniversary, MIMO will also take place in...
26→29 July 2018


Charlton Park, Wiltshire, UK
  • Professional event
  • World
WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) brings together artists from all over the globe. As well as presenting a huge array of art forms, the festivals focus on promoting cultural awareness and tolerance.
10→12 August 2018


Complexo Cultural Funarte - Brasília, DF, Brazil
  • Professional event
  • Popular music
Following the main cultural pole’s trend, Brasília enters in the circuits of festivals that proposes a programmation of shows, conferences and debates, aiming to discuss and to develop the music market. With the participation of producers, artists, CEO and journalists, among others, the CoMA (Convenção d Mùsica e Arte) wants to promote...
15→17 August 2018


Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany
  • Professional event
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Pop
Le Bureau Export Berlin is a partner of the German festival Pop Kultur - hence supporting the programming of French acts.  As of now, 5 'made in France' acts have been announced for the 2018 edition: Malik Djoudi, Voyou, Agar Agar, Laura Perrudin, Valérie Renay.  In 2017, 10 000 festival-goers...
20 August →7 September 2018

Cena Contemporanea

Brasilia, Brazil
  • Professional event
  • Jazz
International Theatre Festival that takes place every year in Brasília. The festival also has a musical line-up focused on jazz.

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